Advanced data solutions 



Assists companies predict when their machines and equipment require maintenance to repair these machines before their breakdowns result in long downtimes or employee injuries.

 Tailor-fit solutions that integrates with your existing operation and gives you complete control:
 Access controls and remote monitoring tools
 Video intelegience
 Intrusion detection and traffic flow management.

SDT Platform

SDT Platform offers wide range of cutting-edge technologies build from ground up to monitor large-scale industries networks

Machine learning technologies for full-cycle monitoring


Assets managment and risk analysis of industrial facilities and a security posture of your infrastructure. As part of the assessment process, we map out your network’s inventory, detect valuable communication patterns and uncover security issues-then provide alerts and guard solutions

Uptake Technologies 


Uptake Technologies offers for corporation Asset Performance Management (APM) application to provide for oil and gas companies monitoring their machine assets, predict future machine failures, and make proactive maintenance decisions

What we do?

Incident response and business continuity solutions

Incident response in corporate and industrial environments provide substantially and considerations to leverage  organizations capabilities and conducting the business continuity impact analysis. Using the SDT cute-edge technological platform which use the advancde machine learning techniques and AI tools we can make business continuty more predictive and we assist to to your responsable team to take proactive measurments.